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Sertinos Coffee Shops - Who We Are

Who is Sertinos Coffee?
Sertinos Coffee Shops are specialty coffee stores presently located in the Western States and Texas with expansion plans throughout the United States. These shops feature premium and organic espresso, brewed coffees, a wide selection of imported loose-leaf teas, and iced drinks such as frappes, iced mochas, espresso milkshakes and Italian sodas. Pastry items such as scones, bagels and muffins are available.

Sertinos Coffee Shops offer whole bean coffee and loose leaf teas, brewing equipment, decorative mugs, travel cups and home brewing accessories.

Sertinos Coffee Shops are designed for a warm and relaxed environment catering to the specialty coffee and tea customer. Our stores are positioned to take advantage of the steady growth trend in specialty coffee and tea sales.

We are a part of an established hospitality business of quick service restaurants - All American Specialty Restaurants - that started out offering healthy frozen yogurt treats. We've evolved to include ice cream, sandwiches, specialty coffees and more-never forgetting our roots, while staying on top of trends.

We are all about hospitality, quality and variety. We have made significant investments in the development of our broad menus and the high quality of our products. We take pride in our ability to serve and please our patrons. Our many years of experience give us the knowledge needed to be able to provide the best quality offerings. We want to impart that knowledge on to you.

Sertinos Coffee Shops operates with a simple premise;
offer high quality coffee and teas in an inviting environment at a competitive price, served by friendly, well trained employees.
Sertinos Coffee
Sertinos Coffee Shops
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