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Sertinos Coffee Shops - Answers To Your Questions

What kind of Sertinos Coffee Shops franchise is available?
An individual franchise agreement is utilized for single or multi-store development in regional shopping malls, neighborhood shopping centers, specialty retail situations and office buildings. In addition, we have master area development agreements available for sub franchising and area development rights in all regions of the United States.
What geographic markets are available for franchising?
We seek individual and multi-store owners in most all areas of the United States. In addition, we are looking for individuals or companies wishing master area development rights in any part of the United States. Please call Sertinos Coffee Shops at (800) 311-3930 with questions about specific locations
and/or master area development rights.
Does Sertinos Coffee Shops assist in site selection and lease negotiations?
Yes! We have over two decades of expertise in all aspects of real estate selection and lease negotiations. We have an established site selection criteria process which is used to locate Sertinos Coffee Shops stores from community "strip" shopping centers to major regional shopping malls.
What is the size of an Sertinos Coffee Shop store?
There is no one size; stores generally range from 150 (Kiosk) to 2,600 square feet. Your Sertinos Coffee Shop store may be located in a shopping mall, community "strip" center or a free standing building.
What is the estimated cost to open a Sertinos Coffee Shop?
The typical total investment required to open a Sertinos Coffee Shops franchise is between $205,200 and $512,950 depending on the Sertinos Coffee Shop concept you choose, the size of your market, the location of your shop, the equipment utilized and the physical layout of your facility.
Is there a royalty?
Yes. It is 6% of gross sales, less sales/use tax and promotional discounts. The franchise royalty is paid monthly and is used to pay for the continuing support of our franchise system.
Is there a marketing fee?
Yes. The monthly marketing fee is 1% of gross sales, less sales/use tax and promotional discounts. This fee pays for the production and distribution of point-of-purchase newsletters, posters, advertising plans and other marketing materials. Sales promotions are supported by professionally produced point of purchase banners and counter cards.
What's the next step?
Please call our Franchise Development to learn more about a Sertinos Coffee Shop. You may request a Confidential Sertinos Coffee Shops Franchise Application by sending us an email at or for a quicker response, please telephone our franchise department at 1-800-311-3930. After your application has been reviewed, we will set up a personal meeting between you and a representative of Sertinos to discuss your location and concept preferences, answer your initial questions, and give you an opportunity to sample our coffee products.
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